“Hello Christelle and Jani, I just really want to thank you for truly going over and beyond with taking care of Duncan (like today), all the love you give him from your heart, setting boundaries and teaching him. I will never find that anywhere else. Thank you for being his mommy when I can’t be there. Much love ❤”
“Ja ek stem saam Rene jul doen ons n groot guns en dit awesome vir my om te sien my kind wil nie eers huis toe kom in die middag nie. Dankie v al julle liefde en dankie dat julle so mooi na ons kinders kyk soos ons wil he iemamd moet. love you very much”
"I must say to a huge thank u with lots of love, my daughter has overcome so much and it's all because of u and your love for her, u are an amazing person. Thank u for just being u and for blessing my daughter with so much love.”
“Ons moet vir jou duisend dankie se!!! Jy doen ons n groot guns om so mooi na die kiddies te kyk!!! Ons wardeer julle BAIE!!!”
“Dankie dat jy so mooi na hulle kyk, kan nie altyd maklik wees nie... Baie dankie dat jy Duncan ook so mooi help my sy roetiene ens.
“Baie dankie vir al jul omgee, liefde, geduld en vriendelikheid met Millie, julle is awesome!”
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