Welcome to Baby Angelz Toddler / Infant Centre

The owner of the Baby Angelz centre (ME – Christelle Gerber) had a great mind to start up a toddler centre, as there is a big demand for day-care for children of this age group. Christelle Gerber was the Deputy Head for seven years at Impala Park Pre-Primary. For the past few years she has been dreaming of opening her own childcare centre and has finally done so and she can't wish for anything better and just to go that extra mile.

The day care centre only has a few little ones now and the reason for this is that we believe the individual attention we can provide them will be much more affective and as we grow we will add more staff so that we can always provide the best to each child. Children are our future and we need to develop strong minds from a young age whilst having fun.

Age Groups:
Babies: 3 months to 5 yrs

Teachers Assist:
Baby Class 8-10 babies
Teacher with assistant:
1-2 year old class - 10
2-3 year old class - 18
3-4 year old class - 18
4-5 year old class - 20

We have been opperating since 2015 and that the school consist of 50 children. We are bilingual.

Baby Angelz
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